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Power Software takes into account a comprehensive approach to provide quality-tested services to its clients. Through our testing and quality assurance service, we help businesses to create products that need to undergo various testing methods. This helps in plummeting all inaccuracies and defects in software and in assuring quality.

To keep a business in the competitive race, it is necessary that its various functions and processes are free from likely defects. Our streamlined, technologically advanced and vigorous testing and quality assurance service help us to make the business of our clients hassle free. Through our testing service, we can effectively evaluate, authenticate and validate features and techniques of the software to carefully monitor the inbound and outbound functions and processes. The main purpose of our software testing service is to make business processes error-free, leading to business growth, increased revenue and high integrity.

We perform following tests for this purpose:
  • Functional testing
  • Automation testing
  • Security testing
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The quality assurance service of Power Software is an organized and effective approach to ensure that the product is designed according to the set standard and meet customer’s needs appropriately. We use latest tools and techniques to test products and services of the business. Quality assurance is done to ensure better functioning of the business; thereby, boosting customer’s trust and confidence. Benefits of our QA and testing service:

  • Reduce cost
  • Dwindle risk and errors
  • Boost-up user experience
  • Makes business functioning smooth
  • Enhance business performance
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Software Quality Assurance

For a business to run successfully, it is required that its software and technologies are updated and quality tested. In an organization, software system mainly include defining of the process, its implementation, auditing and training. Once the process is defined and implemented, the role of quality assurance team is to find out the weaknesses in the processes; and to correct the weaknesses for continuous improvement. Small defects in the business processes and functions can have major cataclysmic impact on business repute, its customers, partners and associates. Therefore, it’s necessary to correct those defects and weaknesses.

To keep your business free from all such adverse impacts, Power Software acts as your best software testing partner. We have a separate quality testing department, where our team of experts test products, services and the business processes of our clients to ensure the quality of the software, worth of hundreds and thousands. We provide a wide range of software testing services to the companies that are involved in the creation of business apps and other software products. Moreover, our service is a fine combination of strong technical competence and advanced technologies.

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Independent Testing

In order to make certain that the provided software meets the functional as well as non-functional requirements, independent testing is performed by the specialists or experts. We, at Power Software, provide independent testing service to our clients either separately or in combination, depending upon the system analysis of a business, which include regression testing, performance testing, localized testing, configuration testing, security testing, conversion testing and more.

Some of the positive of our independent testing services include
  • High cost-efficiency
  • Optimized testing cost
  • Enhanced product quality
  • Decrease in support and assistance cost
  • Transparency boost-up of the developed system
  • Increased sales volume with augmented brand image

Automation Testing

Automated testing or test automation is done to enhance the efficiency and efficacy of the software in use, in order to deliver high-class performance, which is free from all errors and faults. We, at Power Software, support organizations in improving their market performance by testing their software, before actually placing them in the market. Through automation testing, we automate requisite tasks and functions, so as to increase their effectiveness. As a result, the chances of quality performance will boost-up. Our main purpose to perform this test is to ensure the successful functioning of the software system in less time. Our expert’s team perform authentic automation testing to enhance organizations’ performance with high affordability and reliability.

Some of the highlights of our automation testing include
  • Boost-up accuracy
  • Saves time, effort and money
  • Easy and quick detection of the problem areas
  • High consistency in tests and quality monitoring
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