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Cloud based applications offer consistent and reliable access to data, as per the business requirement. We, at Power Software, provide cloud application based service to businesses, according to the way they want to. The service offered is affordable, highly flexible and customized. We enable your business to develop, host and scale applications in innovative cloud platforms.

Under cloud application development, we offer:
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Google Cloud Services
  • Rackspace Cloud Services
  • Microsoft Azure Services
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Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Service or AWS is an assemblage of remote computing services that build up a cloud computing platform, provided by In addition, it offers Amazon web hosting services and a wide range of other services. Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) and Amazon S3 are the two most popular and dominant of these services. These services are offered by Amazon in order to provide large computing-capacity more swiftly and affordably, as compared to a client company that build an actual physical server plant. In addition, AWS operates from 11 geographical regions, all across the globe. Products in AWS are categorized according to computing, networking, content delivery, storage, database, deployment, management, application services, and analytics. The offerings of amazon web services are accessible on HTTP, using SOAP and REST protocols.

Power Software is one of the leading and comprehensive web service providing companies, using Amazon Web Services to provide you the right business solution. In addition to this, we also offer Amazon Web Hosting services, in order to provide our clients an all-inclusive web solution for all their business requirements. We deploy Amazon web services and hosting services for e-commerce, computing, media and entertainment, search engines, IT and other business areas.

With the help of our experienced and highly skilled pool of designers and developers, we provide extremely secure, customized and effective solutions to our clients. For added efficiency and safety, our team integrate wide range of applications and other features with these services.

Google Cloud

Google Cloud platform is a collection of flexible and integrated cloud-based services that allow one to develop impressive websites to complex applications. This cloud computing platform provides hosting on the same infrastructure, which is used for YouTube and Google Search. It is one of the Google’s effective enterprise solutions, and offers a bunch of flexible and integrated cloud-based services along with a swarm of advanced development tools. It is comprised of a host of products with each having a web interface, a command-line tool and a REST API.

Google App Engine, one of the popular products of this platform, is a Platform as a Service (PAAS), which is used to develop sandboxed web applications and hosting them in data centers. Google cloud storage and Google Cloud Datastore are two other extensively used enterprise solutions. The preceding one is an online storage service for files; while the cloud datastore is a fully manageable, highly available NoSQL data storage for non-relational data.

Power Software uses Google Cloud to design and create impressive websites and web applications. Our team of experts, with best programmers and web executives, design some of the most effective and interactive apps and websites as well as integrate them to offer a wonderful user experience. Google App Engine and Google Cloud Datastore, and optimize their features to deliver the best results.

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Microsoft Azure Services

Microsoft Azure Services is a cloud computing platform, which is used to create, organize and manage applications and services via a global network, managed by Microsoft hosted datacenters. It is popularly known as Windows Azure. This cloud computing platform supports different programming languages, frameworks and tools, which include Microsoft software and systems as well as third party systems. Moreover, this cloud platform offers both PAAS and IAAS services. It works great for big organizations and start-up businesses in the similar manner.

Power Software works in association with Windows Azure cloud platform to offer simple, comprehensive and power-packed web application and web services. Using this cloud platform, we test and create applications quicker, and also organize them, using cloud services. With a complete understanding of the Microsoft Azure platform, we offer a bunch of tools and enterprise solutions along with reusable components to enhance the productivity of the products of this Microsoft cloud platform. In addition, we offer a wide range end-to-end solutions on Windows Azure.

Rackspace Cloud Services

Rackspace Cloud is a cluster of cloud computing products and services, chargeable on a utility basis from Rackspace. It offers web application hosting as a service, cloud storage, databases, backup, load balancers, cloud servers and monitoring. Rackspace cloud hosting service is also termed as cloud files, which offers limitless online storage and CDN for media. Cloud servers are offered as cloud infrastructure service, which give users the chance to arrange various cloud servers instantaneously and to create unconventional, high availability architectures.

We, at Power Software, use Rackspace cloud platform to fulfill your organization’s IT needs. From cloud computing solutions to strategic cloud placements, we offer everything within an affordable means. Additional to this, our cloud platform is built on advanced technology, which is easy to employ within your business.

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